Is honey good for weight loss?

Honey is a really amazing product – even its journey into our lives is amazing. It technically originates in flower where it is in the form of nectar, it is collected by bees and then stored in honeycomb where we eventually collect and extract it.

Once it’s on our shelves it is an extremely popular product and is used by millions of people every day for many different reasons.

There are many different qualities and health benefits associated with honey but one of the most interesting ones is the links that it has to weight loss.

There are several different qualities of honey that make it a facilitator of weight loss and whilst these qualities are not going to make you lose pounds over night they are going to work extremely well when used in conjunction with the rest of your dietary plan and also will ensure that you lose weight steadily and safely.

Natural sugars

Honey contains natural sugars which are actually very good for your body. Where some types of processed sugars can actually make you gain weight natural sugars help your bodies metabolism process and aid it in the reduction of fat storage within the body.

Metabolic triggers

Honey triggers metabolic changes in the body and prevents you from craving other types of sugars – it is almost like a way of subconsciously telling your body to stop eating unhealthy foods – instead you take honey which satiates your bodies hunger.

No calorie counting

Honey is relatively low in calories and so you don’t need to worry too much about counting the calories that you intake from eating honey – this is especially true because the many weight loss benefits of honey counteract any calories that it does contain.

Ways to introduce honey into your diet

The really great thing about honey is that it can so easily be introduced into your diet in a variety of different ways. This makes it extremely easy to include honey in your weight loss routine and makes it a food that can be a luxury rather than a chore.

Honey in drinks

Honey can be taken with various different drinks – one idea is simply to boil water and then add a spoonful of honey to it, let it cool to an acceptable temperature before drinking. This is a great drink still because it’s basically water but the honey makes it taste sweet and also provides you with your honey intake for the day.

Honey on toast

Honey is great to spread on your toast – you can have wholegrain toast to make for a healthy snack and then spread a layer of honey over the top – once again this makes for a delicious meal that has several benefits rolled in to one.

Honey for breakfast

Honey can be a great addition to your cereal or Muesli as well. On its own this makes a great breakfast out of your boring cereal but you can also combine it with other products – for example the cinnamon honey diet is a great way of combining different beneficial foods to make something really nice that is also comes with huge weight loss benefits.

Using honey in cooked meals

There are even hot meals that you can use honey with – in fact if you look through your typical cook book you will find loads of recipes for meals that include honey in them.

More recipes that use honey

There are some great recipes out there that include honey in them, there is a great article on southern living that describes some of the most popular ones.

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